Network Smarter With BlissHi Card

Connect, Share, Impress

In a world where connectivity and convenience reign supreme, BlissHi Card is the key to unlocking smarter networking for your business. All you need is one SmartBliss to spread the word about your business, with a feel of luxury, confidence and vibe. 

What is the BlissHi Card?

The BlissHi Card is not your ordinary business card; it’s a cutting-edge, NFC-powered marvel designed to revolutionize the way you connect with clients, partners, and prospects. It fuses the timeless tradition of exchanging contact information with the power of technology, offering a digital experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Connections matter more than ever, the BlissSmart Card emerges as the ultimate tool to transform your networking game. More than just a business card, it’s your gateway to seamless, smart, and unforgettable interactions.

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Why Use BlissHi Card?

Imagine a world where sharing information, connecting with others, and accessing data is as simple as a tap. With NFC, that vision becomes a reality and the cool thing is, all you need is one card. Here’s why it’s the technology of the future:

Unlock the potential of NFC technology with Blisstech Hub. Our solutions are designed to empower businesses and individuals, making connectivity smarter, easier, and more efficient. Explore our range of NFC products and services to experience a future where seamless connections are just a tap away.

SmartBliss Card Options

Our services are very Flexible as we strive to make our service accessible. Ready to transform the way you connect and communicate? Contact us today to get started on your NFC journey.

Standard Card

Plastic Cards
15,000 Yearly
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3


Bamboo Wood Card (Eco Friendly)
25,000 Yearly
  • NFC enabled
  • Qr Code Builder
  • Bamboo Wood Card
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Costume Brand Design
  • Works On Apple And Android
  • Fully Costumizable Dashboard


Luxurious Metal Card With Laser Inscription
50,000 Yearly
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

Not Okay with non of these plans? Don’t worry i got your back, if you need a specific kind of customization for you or your team, we can make it happen, simply contact us using the button below. You will recive a response within few hours.